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What Trainers Eat on Vacation

Have you ever wondered if trainers are “perfect” while on vacation? Do they exercise all the ...

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Hidden Healthier Menus at Your Fave Restaurants

What happens at a restaurant, doesn’t stay at the restaurant. It goes right to your tummy. ...

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Commit to Yourself for Weight Loss

by Cindy  Santos Knowing and believing that you deserve a better life……we feel that, and we ...

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Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions – Sticking with It

Weight loss is always a struggle. Here's how to trick yourself and make it easier to ...

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Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions – The Beginning

Weight loss resolutions are hard to keep. But there is a simple way to get started. ...

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Making Pizza Part of Your Diet

It is common knowledge that a healthy diet for weight loss consists of lots of fruits ...

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