What Trainers Eat on Vacation

by Helen M. Ryan

Have you ever wondered if trainers are "perfect" while on vacation?

Do they exercise all the time, eat their veggies, and stay away from sweets and/or alcohol? Or are they more like 'real people?'


Dancing outside a temple in Ubud, Indonesia

Well, here is a little sneak peek into what (some) trainers actually eat while travelling.

It's a glimpse into real life at 38,000 fee, and one that many people can probably relate to.

There's a short video below that's far too revealing, he he. In the meantime, here is a photo of me in Ubud, Bali.

Mostly I goofed off a lot while sightseeing (like dancing on the steps of a temple), but I also relaxed a bit and swam in a great pool.

It's funny how when you are on vacation, walking around sightseeing all day doesn't seem like exercise. Right? Weird, but good.

How about you? Do you 'let your hair down' while on vacation?

Published December 22, 2015