Published December 22, 2015

What Trainers Eat on Vacation

by Helen M. Ryan

Are personal trainers and weight loss coaches "perfect" on vacation? Do they keep up with healthy habits while on holiday?

Do they exercise all the time, eat their veggies, and stay away from sweets and/or alcohol? Or are they more like 'real people?'


Well, here is a little sneak peek into what (some) trainers actually eat while traveling.

It's a glimpse into real life at 38,000 feet, and one that many people can probably relate to.

There's a short video below that tells the truth. In the meantime, here is a photo of me in Ubud, Bali.

Mostly I goofed off a lot while sightseeing, but I also relaxed a bit and swam in a great pool. Swimming is great exercise and burns tons of calories.

It's funny how when you are on vacation, walking around sightseeing all day doesn't seem like exercise. Right? Weird, but good.

You can walk for hours (way over 10,000 steps) and not even notice. It's a "secret" workout in a way.

Healthy eating can be hit or miss when traveling, too. In many countries you can find tons of vegetable dishes, which makes it a lot easier.

There's nothing wrong with dessert, though. Especially when it's dessert that's part of the food culture of the country you're visiting.