Published February 5, 2010

Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions – Sticking with It

by Helen M. Ryan

(read part one - The Beginning)

In order to keep with your resolution to lose weight you need to take baby steps. Break down you goal into manageable chunks. Don’t try for that bikini body just yet…there is plenty of time. Striving for such a large goal will almost ensure that you fail. It seems so far away – so difficult – so unattainable – so why bother?

The reality is that it probably took you years to gain the weight and it is not going to come off without a fight. You have to fake yourself out. Having one large goal looming ahead of you is often not enough to keep you motivated. How can you focus on the body you want when those chocolate chip cookies are fresh, warm and oh-so-yummy?

The second step to our plan (the last one was walking) is to fake yourself out. Forget the larger goal. Your immediate goal is to walk 3-5 times per week and say “half” to junkie foods. That’s it. By giving in to a craving only partially, you don’t sabotage yourself and you don’t feel deprived.

Doing it this way fakes you out because you can have want you want – just half of it. And you can’t possibly blow it. If you want that cookie - and I mean really want that cookie – give yourself a half of one and then go brush your teeth - immediately. Tell yourself you can eat the other half tomorrow. This is the simplest and easiest way to control your cravings.

Give in…to a point.

I’ve already blown it with that bite of chocolate,” I would think to myself. “I might as well continue eating whatever I want today and start fresh tomorrow.” Have you ever felt that way? And did you really “start fresh tomorrow” or did you simply take a bite of something “forbidden” the next day and once again repeat that mantra? The “all or nothing mentality” only serves to allow you to binge out of control and continue gaining weight.

That is exactly how I lived for many years while my weight just continued to balloon.

Question: How do you feel about eating just half of something? Do you think you can do it?