Helen Ryan before weight loss and after

My story...

When my kids were little I took them to Legoland. We climbed into a ride and the safety bar came down.
But it wouldn't close over my stomach. I was too fat.
The attendant was mortified, but I pleaded with my eyes for him to try again. I WAS going on the ride with my kids, size 20 or not. The young man put all his weight onto the bar and with a huge effort managed to close it over my tummy.
Humiliation 101.
Helen stretching afte run

Fast forward to a size 4 and 114 pounds. I’d lost almost 90 pounds naturally in just 10 months.

After my weight loss I became a certified personal trainer, weight loss coach, spinning/group exercise instructor and author.

I wanted to help others because I know how hard it can be to get started. I also know that everyone can do it... with the right tools.
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