Published January 31, 2015

High Protein Pancake Topping

by Helen M. Ryan

An easy recipe to add a tasty and higher protein topping to your high protein pancakes. It's what's for breakfast.

"Love soft as an easy chair. Love fresh as the morning air. One love for pancakes that will never fade..."

Those are not exactly the lyrics to "Evergreen," but you catch my drift.

I don't know when I first discovered protein pancakes, but that was a great day.

I love pancakes. I have them almost every morning. Back when I was working on my 80 pound weight loss I ate oatmeal for breakfast every day...with a few 60% cocoa chocolate chips added.

Because (say it with me, now), "Any day that starts with chocolate has to be a good day."

To add a little more protein punch to this breakfast pancake delight, I have created Greek yogurt/PB2 topping that I can spread on these little love patties.

It's super easy, and adds a nice little touch of flavor.

Step 1:

Greek yogurt and PB2 on counter
  • Plain nonfat Greek yogurt
  • PB2

Add 2 tbs PB2 with a splash of water or milk, then mix. Add 1 to 1.5 tbs  (or so) tbs Greek yogurt. Stir briskly (see, you get a workout in, too.)

Step 2:

High protein pancake topping

Spread it on your pancake. Voila! I usually top my pancake with fresh or (defrosted) frozen berries, and sometimes a little whipping cream. Oh and maybe a few 60% cocoa chocolate chips. Ha. Just for fun.


If you make it, let me know your thoughts, or what else you like to put on your protein pancakes.