Published July 31, 2013

Lower Calorie Almond Butter

by Helen M. Ryan

"My name is Helen and I am addicted to almond butter."

There. I said it.

And it's not just almond butter, but almost any nut butter (read my post about nut butters).

Almond butter is good for you, that's for sure. But sometimes there is too much of a good thing. Nut butters area loaded with fat and calories, and I don't care how "good" the fat is, eventually the calories add up and go right to your butt (or tummy, since I am over 40).

Lower Fat Almond Butter Recipe

I was doing an internet search to see if I could some up with a PB2-type of deal for almond butter and ran across this "self-made" almond butter recipe on the blog FoodieFiasco. I followed blogger Kelly's simple recipe and made my own lower fat almond butter. I used almond meal in bulk from my local health food store (the kind that still looks a bit like almonds, not the flour-y stuff), unsweetened almond milk and the tiniest bit of 100% Maple syrup.

Now it doesn't taste exactly like almond butter, but for my protein pancake (where I mix almond butter with berries), or mixed in with a little bit of "real" almond butter, it's a great option.

Get all the details of this recipe (and nutritional information) at FoodieFiasco. And blogger Kelly is only 15, so now I feel like a late bloomer....and wonder why I didn't think about this myself. Fabulous idea, Kelly!


Photo: iStockphoto