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What’s for Lunch? Red Quinoa

What’s for Lunch? Red Quinoa

Little quinoas everywhere.

I’ve never had quinoa before, which is surprising considering I’ve been a vegetarian for exactly 30 years. I decided to try it today for lunch. (And let’s face it – I haven’t been shopping and was running low on food options that don’t involve ice cream or crackers.)

Red quinoa has 2 grams of fat, 4 grams of fiber, and 6 grams of protein per serving – it’s gluten free, too. I microwaved it with a bit of vegetable broth (well, too much vegetable broth apparently because it was a too strong), and used it as a bed for my salad.

So what did it taste like?

It wasn’t bad. A bit crunchier than my favorite (brown rice), or the cous cous I used to make for the kids, and did not have much flavor on its own without the broth. It felt a bit like eating unground smal flax seeds, but maybe I did not cook the quinoa long enough.

With the black beans, light feta cheese, spinach, tomatoes and tiny bit of olive oil I added, it made for a filling and healthy lunch. Nutritionally pretty balanced too, or at least more so than the five Jo Jo cookies I had for dinner last night. Some days I am good, some days I am “bad.” Today I am good.

Will I eat quinoa again? Yes. I am always looking for healthy protein food sources. Unlike many plant sources, quinoa is a “complete protein,”, which means it contains all the amino acids we need on its own so we don’t have to combine it with other foods. It also contains a good amount of fiber, and the more fiber we eat, the fuller we feel and the more weight we are apt to lose.

Onward and forward to quinoa-land.

Have you ever tried quinoa?

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Tammi Kibler
10 years ago

I tried quinoa for the first time over the summer, and I am hooked. You can do anything with it. Sweeten it for a breakfast cereal, or leave it savory and drop an egg on it. Toss it in your salad or stir into your leftovers for a quick lunch. Roast it in the oven or boil it on the stove, whatever works for you and your menu. Quinoa is the little grain that plays well with everything in your pantry.


7 years ago

Quinoa has much more health benefits. I will try to include in my breakfast. Your article inspired us. I am extremely thankful to you. Take care.

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