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Healthier Chocolate-y Spread

Healthier Chocolate-y Spread


That’s about all I need to say. Mmmm hmmm.

Oops, you’re still here. I was day dreaming. About chocolate.

Anyway, a nutritionist-friend recommended the following as a way to get a little chocolate fix without a lot of other ingredients:

Mix 100% maple syrup with pure cocoa powder. It’s a great way to add a chocolate-y boost to your day. I am thinking it would be a great addition to my protein pancakes, as a dip for strawberries or almonds, or to spread over almond butter. Of course, you need to eat this in moderation because it is a) pretty delicious and b) a snack, not a meal.

Enjoy this chocolate-y pick me up.

Try it and tell me your thoughts on it. What did you use it on? Did you like it?


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