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Some exercise better than none

Some exercise better than none

If you only had X amount of money for bills, would you pay some bills? Or no bills and instead go shopping, spending your bill money?

Paying no bills and going shopping sounds silly, right?

But isn’t that kind of how it is with exercise?

If you had 20 extra minutes in your day, would do some exercise or no exercise and go to Ben & Jerry’s instead (because you only had 20 minutes and not one entire hour?)

Put in this context, do you see the analogy?

You want to exercise for one hour, but only have 20 minutes, so you do nothing. Or you only have money for five bills, so you pay none and go shopping?Click To Tweet

It’s the same thing.

20 minutes (or even 10 minutes) a day makes a difference. Maybe not with weight loss, but definitely with your health. Any time you spend moving your body is much better than no time working out at all.

If you had 10 minutes twice a day, would you be able to do that?

Would you be able to take the stairs at work or stroll on your lunch break? Or walk your kids to and from school?

What about weight training in your living room while watching your favorite TV show?

A little every day adds up.

Don’t wait for the entire hour. Don’t wait for enough money to pay all of your bills. In both cases, you’ll pay a price in the long run for your choice today (your health or your credit score). Do what you can with what time and money you have.


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