Published May 24, 2020

10-minute Workout

by Helen M. Ryan
10 minute workout

Quick at-home body weight workout with no equipment.

Includes a little Billy Idol worshiping, because why not?

You'll work upper and lower body. If you have a stair or a small riser then it will definitely give you some cardio, too.

Do 2-3 rounds for max results. Remember... you can modify and make it as hard or easy as your want.

Questions? Post 'em below in the comments.

PS. Did you know I met Billy? See below the video for a pic.

Me & Billy. An Almost Love Story

Billy Idol and Helen

I've been in love with Billy Idol since I was 18. From the very moment I saw the video "Dancing with Myself." The sneer. The face. Oh Billy.

Last year a good friend bought me VIP tickets to see Billy Idol and Steve Stephens at the Belly Up Tavern in Carlsbad, California.

The VIP ticket included a meet-and-greet. So yes… I got to meet Billy Idol. My idol. After a 35-year crush.

What you can't see is that my left arm is around Billy. And maybe - just maybe - my hand is really low on his back. Like really low. But I won't kiss and tell…