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Lose weight with the 80/20 rule

Lose weight with the 80/20 rule

Friday night, time to par-tay! A few margaritas, a couple of beers, and some chips and salse. Saturday, yay. Birthday party with pizza and cake, a drink, and some candy you stole from your child’s piñata stash. Sunday’s here. It’s the last day of the week so let’s celebrate. Delicious Sunday brunch, then dinner out with the family. Maybe finish off some of that candy before bed, along with a glance of wine. Might as well end the weekend with a bang. Tomorrow’s Monday, and time to get back to a program of healthy eating and exercising.

Sorry to disappoint, but this is NOT the 80/20 rule. Yeah, so if you’re doing it this way it’s not going to work. This is more like the, uhm, 60/40 rule. The 60/40 rule does not a rockin’ body and good health make.

So what really is the 80/20 rule?

Eating healthy 80% of the time and less healthy 20% of the time. The 80/20 rule is really good at maintaining a healthy weight (with some fat loss, too). It beats those ‘fad diets’ that no one but the most die-hard of the die-hard can stick to because it allow for balance.

How does it work? 80% of your diet is lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and whole grains; 20% is the ‘white stuff’ (no, not cocaine): refined carbohydrates like white pasta, white pizza dough, and cakes – even brown ones; ‘bad’ fats; and the oh-so-yummy sugars.

The 80/20 rule is more like 1.5 days of really relaxed eating, not full on binge eating.

But for weight loss, the 80/20 rule isn’t always enough. To lose weight like a badass, you might have to stick to an 85/15 or sometimes a 90/10 ratio. If you hate math like me, then the translation is to stick to one to maybe two meals and one snack of “whatever you want within reason” during the week.

Yeah, I know. It’s no fun to keep track. But once you get to your goal weight, the 80/20 rule goes into full effect.

It’s much easier to stick with eating healthy long-term when you can plan for some ‘fun’ not-so-healthy eating during the week.Click To Tweet

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