Published December 29, 2013

Lots of Fitness/Health Tips

by Helen M. Ryan
12 days of fitness

So the "12 Days of Fitness" wrapped up with lots of great tips by a variety of experts. I LOVE doing this series.

We got tips on how be healthier over the holidays. It's the little things we do that add up.

Got some healthy snacking ideas to help weight loss. The meals are usually fairly easy. But finding new ideas for snacks can be a challenge.

We also learned some practical and no BS weight loss strategies. With so much information out there on how to lose weight (not all of it's good), these articles gave us the real scoop with information that we can rely on.

Stress eating is big for a lot of us. We learned some new tools and tips to help us overcome stress eating. Sometimes it's the simple things that work.

When to eat before and after workouts is a question people often ask. We were shown the best time and way to eat around exercise.

Being active in everyday life is the most important part of healthy living. We got useful tips on how to get more daily activity.

We also learned how to keep new year's resolutions.

Want tips on how to overcome fitness obstacles? We got that too.

A complete listing of guest articles is below, so if you missed any, stop on by any of the posts.

We got tips to be healthier over the holidays; healthy snacking ideas to help weight loss; learned some practical weight loss strategies; got options to overcome stress eating; learned the best way to eat before and after workouts; got tips on how to be more active; learned how to keep new year's resolutions; got tips on how to overcome fitness obstacles.

Day 1: Easy, Healthy Holiday Tips
Day 2: Healthy Snacking For Weight Loss
Day 3: The Number One Gift For This Holiday (ps - it's not a "thing)
Day 4: Smart, Practical Weight Loss Strategies
Day 5: Stress Overeating Strategies
Day 6: What To Eat Before and After a Workout
Day 7: Super Simple No BS Ways To Get Fitter
Day 8: Want The Secret To Being More Active?
Day 9: Easy New Year's Resolutions
Day 10: Don't Sweat The New Year's Resolutions
Day 11: The Overlooked Fitness Obstacle
Day 12: This wrap up. 🙂