Lots of Fitness/Health Tips

by Helen M. Ryan
12 Days of Fitness Tips

So the "12 Days of Fitness" wrapped up with lots of great tips by a variety of experts. I LOVE doing this series.
A complete listing of guest articles is below, so if you missed any, stop on by any of the posts. And as always - we love to hear from you, so keep your comments coming. Until next year....
Day 1: Easy, Healthy Holiday Tips
Day 2: Healthy Snacking For Weight Loss
Day 3: The Number One Gift For This Holiday (ps - it's not a "thing)
Day 4: Smart, Practical Weight Loss Strategies
Day 5: Stress Overeating Strategies
Day 6: What To Eat Before and After a Workout
Day 7: Super Simple No BS Ways To Get Fitter
Day 8: Want The Secret To Being More Active?
Day 9: Easy New Year's Resolutions
Day 10: Don't Sweat The New Year's Resolutions
Day 11: The Overlooked Fitness Obstacle
Day 12: This wrap up. 🙂

Published December 29, 2013