Published May 23, 2015

Get the Smell Out of Workout Clothes

by Helen M. Ryan
woman clipping her nose

You've tried everything to remove the smell: vinegar, sunlight, baking soda, disinfectant, fire, volcanoes...

I tried it all, too. In fact, when I was younger I microwaved my unitard to kill germs and burned a nice, big hole in it.

All those hours of Spinning class sweat now take a toll on my fitness clothes, and since I like to wear my workout outfits until they pretty much fall apart, can imagine. Nothing but nothing seemed to get that 'exercise smell' out (eau de wet dog, anyone?).

And then I discovered something super simple:

To get rid of odor rinse clothes in sink and add drops of lemon or lime essential oils to them Immediately after peeling off my sweat-soaked clothes, I rinse them out in the sink with a little detergent, and add a few drops of lemon or lime essential oils to the smelliest parts. I let them soak for just a few minutes, then throw the clothes in the wash

Guess what? The smell is amazingly gone.

You don't need any fancy oil brands, either. Just look online for options.

Weirdly simple, huh?

P.S. If you won't be washing your clothes right after the quick soak, rinse them out and hang up for awhile, either in the bathroom, garage or outside, then throw them in the wash with your next load. Just don't let sweat-soaked clothing sit in your laundry bag after working out.