Published December 13, 2013

12 Days of Fitness is Back

by Helen M. Ryan
group of woman exercising

'tis the season....

Last year, the 12 Days of Fitness series was so popular that we brought it back again this year.

The best of the best will once again give us tips on getting—and staying—healthy. From authors, fitness pros, nutritionists and fitness bloggers, they all have something valuable to share.

The first article will be up soon. But in the meantime, take a peek at last year's fabulous entries:

2013 "12 Days of Fitness Articles"

Day 1 (Keep Exercise Fun)
Day 2 (Making the Impossible Possible)
Day 3 (Healthy Holidays)
Day 4 (Quickie Time)
Day 5 (Walk the Doggiesaur)
Day 6 (Fitness Games People Play)
Day 7 (Are You Really Hungry?)
Day 8 (No Weight Loss One-Hit Wonders)
Day 9 (A Change of Attitude Causes 100 Lb. Weight Loss)
Day 10 (HIIT Your Fat Stores Where It Hurts)
Day 11 (The Secret Rewards of Hiking)
Day 12 (What Do You Really Want?)