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Failing with Dieting

Failing with dietingThis is a moving guest post by Deborah Nicosia. It will resonate with all of us who have struggled with our weight. Look for more from Debbie in the future if I can convince her.

So, yesterday I had a typical “diet fail.” My intentions were good as I started the day…they usually are. I got my coffee and had four scrambled egg whites with one yolk.

Off to a crazy Saturday at work. I work five hours with a 15 minute break, so there is no time to walk upstairs, stand in line and get lunch. There was nothing at home to bring for lunch, because I forgot to plan for myself. I had been taking care of sick kids all week…..and forgot about me, as usual.

No time to venture upstairs at work and only a dollar in my pocket. This meant getting two hot dogs quickly, and go back to work. Cheap, quick, and I’ll be full!

When I got home I was totally exhausted. My feet were throbbing, and I was starving. It had been four hours since I ate the two hot dogs. My husband arrived home 30 minutes later with three egg rolls in hand. I devoured all three of them. I was satisfied after two, but…they tasted so good I didn’t stop until they were gone.


I had promised the kids to take them to a movie later. The popcorn smelled so wonderful. I wasn’t even hungry, but was overcome by the smells and decided to “splurge.” I ordered a small popcorn, but then the girl behind the counter asked ” Do you want a medium for just a dollar more?” So, now I had a medium popcorn that I kept eating long after I was full. Then I helped myself to some of my daughter’s Skittles and M&M’s that she had brought with from home.

If I had made a lunch to take with to work, and eaten a healthy satisfying dinner when I came home, I probably would not have eaten all the fattening unhealthy foods yesterday. But it is a vicious cycle. With stress, exhaustion, and the feeling of being overwhelmed from having to remember everyone’s needs, except my own, I realized that I lost my core many years ago. I have not been important to “me,” and I put myself last – always.

I have now been overweight for nine yrs. My daughter has never known me “average weight.” But, I know that with the “Real World Weight Loss'” stories, and support, I can can change my life. Put me first. And I am not alone.

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9 years ago

{This was written in response to my post, “You’ve Got the Power” and I was so inspired I wanted to post it in full.}

Thank you Deb! And you are not alone. Take it day-by-day. I just had a brownie and I wanted to eat more. After reading your post, I decided against it. There is strength in numbers.

9 years ago

Thank you for posting my story Helen! As you known too well, this
is an all too common story with us moms….putting ourselves last. And, if we are overweight, and struggle, it seems hopeless at times. If we only had the energy to eat right and exercise..or the sheer willpower it takes. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us. You have proven that it is possible.
Yes, there is strength in numbers!

9 years ago

And by the way Helen…it’s amazing to read about my own struggle.
I didn’t realize how it would actually affect me. It really did bring up some emotion, a tear or two. But, they were good and sad emotions! Good, because anything is possible, and I can do it. But, a little sad too, because at times it is just feels so overwhelming. The key is to just realize that I’m not alone, and that sharing makes me stronger 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Debbie

Saying it out loud has more important. I remember the first time I said I was a writer. It was a very empowering experience…

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