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Archive: Motivation

New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions

Any time of year is the right time for resolutions. How to make them, how to ...

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Surviving the Holidays – Simple Ways to Keep the Pounds from Piling Up

(written for The holidays. They are here, once again. Endless days of parties, pastries, shopping ...

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5 Effective Tips for Weight Loss

Five simple yet effective tips to help you lose weight ...

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A Woman Says, “I Love My Thighs”

Learn how to appreciate what you have instead of what you don't have. Read my account ...

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The A-Ha Moment

Air under my feet. Levitating. Higher. Higher still. Faster. Sweat pouring. The sound of my own ...

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Fear of Success

(written for I’m sitting here on my sore rear end from a 50-mile bike ride: ...

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