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Cardio Helps You Survive Zombies

Cardio Helps You Survive Zombies

Cardio vs. HIIT?

We’ve had this discussion before. Longer bouts of cardio for endurance, or shorter HIIT sessions for cardiovascular strength?

The answer is even simpler than we’ve previously discussed: CARDIO.


You can outrun zombies when you have endurance. Duh. There’s a reason why CARDIO is Zombieland Rule #1. Click To Tweet

Doing HIIT will help you sprint away from zombies with power and force, but you won’t be able to outrun them for long. With HIIT, you’re all about quick, hard power moves. When running for your life, you need that stamina, baby.

Of course, a great way to survive in that big, cruel zombie-filled world is to do a lot of endurance cardio training to keep you running the distance, with a little HIIT now and then for extra power to escape those zombies that come of out nowhere.



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