Published April 22, 2013

Every Day Is A New Chance

by Helen M. Ryan

Every day is a new chance for a fresh start.

While I'm not a fan of 'waiting for tomorrow,' I am a fan of taking charge of your life (and health) whenever the opportunity comes along. If today is that day—then let's begin. It doesn't matter what you did yesterday.
You know that old saying, 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life?" Well, it's true. Every new day you can make a choice to be healthier, fitter, less fearful, bolder, more sexual, less bitchy, more adventurous, or more helpful. It's an opportunity to re-invent yourself, again and again. And again (hey, Madonna! We're right behind you.)
Take what's not working and discard it. Find new (and bold) things that work for you. We only have this one life, and it's painfully short. Make it happen.