Published February 12, 2013

Build Your Own Barre For a Great Butt

by Helen M. Ryan
Woman Exercising

Ballet barres are not just for ballet. You can plie, squat, lunge, work your core, improve your name it.

Barres build great booties. And bodies. Flexible bodies. With good abs and shoulders, too.

I built a portable barre that I use for both private barre classes and for strength training (OK, food editor AJ Ogaard built it for me since I can't use tools well).
If you want a mighty ballet body at a minimal cost, see links below for instructions on how to build a simple portable barre. Mine is made from PVC piping, some glue, spray paint and sand in the base to keep it from moving.
INSTRUCTIONS (I found these on the internet, and they were both helpful):
E-How OR this Studio Diva video

Build your own barre. Rock me, Amadeus.

Portable ballet barre