Published November 5, 2012

Put The Candy Down

by Helen M. Ryan
lips with candy sprinkles

Step away from the candy. Even better, throw the candy out. (Gasp!)
Halloween is over and if you ate too much candy, guess what? I did too.
I had the best of intentions, though.  It was a long day that started with a 90 minute Spinning class, and an even longer foot-tiring night hitting the neighborhood. I took my daughter and friends trick or treating, and "sampled" a few of her chocolates along the way. Then I sampled a few more. I ended up with a 'few too many.' I didn't go all hog wild on it, but I ate enough to start feeling less than stellar about myself.

But it was fun to see the kids on the street (didn't it seem like there were more out this year?) and how excited the littlest ones were about going door-to-door. How I miss the days when mine were small and excitable.
So now we move on. The candy was yummy, though probably not a very smart choice. Let's get back on our horsies. Eat lots of veggies. Drink lots of water. Exercise more. Try to balance our blood sugars a bit with frequent higher protein meals.

The goal should be to keep our sugar over-indulgences to a minimum, and space them further apart. Certain foods trigger us to want more, and these foods can sometimes trigger a full-sized binge. So until you feel strong enough to have just one piece of candy (instead of raiding the bucket after the kids have gone to sleep), maybe abstaining is a good idea. It's amazing how quickly you can adapt to a "cleaner eating" lifestyle, and it's also amazing how quickly you can slip backwards. Keep moving forward.

Halloween Spin Class
Pre-90 minute Halloween Spinning class with my hottie pants friends (the short one is me)