Published July 28, 2012

Almost Ready

by Guest Author
alarm clock

Two years ago all I could think about as summer approached was, "This summer I will finally wear shorts and a tank top" and close to winter I would say, "I know I will fit into a cute pair of jeans or a knit dress."

It isn't about what is going to happen for you days, weeks, or months from now. It's about what you do this moment that counts. Thinking means nothing when there is no action. Whether you prep your food, get your gym bag ready for the next day, organize your workout week, or whether you take control of your relationship with food and exercise, it is ALL ABOUT NOW!

Every good thing you do for yourself brings you one step closer. Why think about it? Just go be it!

I never thought I would be in this place right now; a place of confidence, joy, and freedom. Join me, I'm always here to nudge you on!
Cindy Santos
Cindy Santos lost almost half a person in size and is now a fitness professional. Visit her Facebook page, or read more about her (including before pics) here.