Published March 21, 2012

Live Your Life as a (Weight Loss) Champion

by Helen M. Ryan
boxing gloves

You don’t have to suffer for weight loss and fitness results, but you do at some point have to pay the piper and buckle down.

Nothing in life is free, and nothing good in life comes without some sacrifice. (I know. Mood killer.)

Live your life as your own champion by making a commitment to your health and sticking to it. It’s worth a little sacrifice to be able to look at yourself like a champion and succeed where you haven’t in the past.

Any champion would never try to reach the top without a plan. He/she would also make their plan a priority. Will you?

Create a blueprint for yourself based on your goal. Pick what you're willing to sacrifice to reach it (make it realistic), and what you have to add to your daily life to make it happen.

Your health.
Your goal.
Your plan.

Your life, as a champion.