Published January 4, 2012

What Is It Worth to You?

by Helen M. Ryan

What are you willing to give up to lose weight or reach your fitness goals? Think about it for a second.

Are you willing to give up that second serving of food, the chocolate chip cookie, the extra glass of wine, the 15 minutes of sleep, or the one hour of television?

What is being fit and healthy worth to you?

There is no magic in weight loss (boo). You can’t have all the food you want and be slimmer or fitter, too. You have to pick and choose: What you want and what you are willing to give up to get it. 

You don’t have to give up everything “fun,” but you’ll need to set priorities and decide what’s important.

  • Will you watch TV on your elliptical machine, or from the sofa?
  • Will you take your dog for a walk, or have the kids do it?
  • Will you choose bread or wine­—instead of both—at the Italian restaurant?

Choose health first. That’s how you can really succeed without going bonkers.