Published March 13, 2011

Failing with Dieting

by Guest Author

This is a moving guest post by Deborah Nicosia. It will resonate with all of us who have struggled with our weight. Look for more from Debbie in the future if I can convince her.
So, yesterday I had a typical "diet fail." My intentions were good as I started the day...they usually are. I got my coffee and had four scrambled egg whites with one yolk.
Off to a crazy Saturday at work. I work five hours with a 15 minute break, so there is no time to walk upstairs, stand in line and get lunch. There was nothing at home to bring for lunch, because I forgot to plan for myself. I had been taking care of sick kids all week.....and forgot about me, as usual.
No time to venture upstairs at work and only a dollar in my pocket. This meant getting two hot dogs quickly, and go back to work. Cheap, quick, and I'll be full!

When I got home I was totally exhausted. My feet were throbbing, and I was starving. It had been four hours since I ate the two hot dogs. My husband arrived home 30 minutes later with three egg rolls in hand. I devoured all three of them. I was satisfied after two, but...they tasted so good I didn't stop until they were gone.

I had promised the kids to take them to a movie later. The popcorn smelled so wonderful. I wasn't even hungry, but was overcome by the smells and decided to "splurge." I ordered a small popcorn, but then the girl behind the counter asked " Do you want a medium for just a dollar more?" So, now I had a medium popcorn that I kept eating long after I was full. Then I helped myself to some of my daughter's Skittles and M&M's that she had brought with from home.

If I had made a lunch to take with to work, and eaten a healthy satisfying dinner when I came home, I probably would not have eaten all the fattening unhealthy foods yesterday. But it is a vicious cycle. With stress, exhaustion, and the feeling of being overwhelmed from having to remember everyone's needs, except my own, I realized that I lost my core many years ago. I have not been important to "me," and I put myself last - always.

I have now been overweight for nine yrs. My daughter has never known me "average weight." But, I know that with the "Real World Weight Loss'" stories, and support, I can can change my life. Put me first. And I am not alone.