Published April 26, 2009

No More Weight Loss Excuses

by Helen M. Ryan

We have all made them.
"I'm busy."
"I don't have the right foods."
"I don't have time for my full work out so I might as well not work out at all today."
"I have to go to a party so I will indulge now and start my diet tomorrow."
"I had a bad day."
Or my favorite (one which I use frequently) "I'm too tired" (to lift weights, ride my bike, eat an apple, go for a walk, play with my kids.)

We are too (busy / tired / depressed) to take care of our health and our weight, and yet we make time for everything, and everyone else. (Americans watch nearly five hours of television every - single - day.)

Watch THIS VIDEO from Nike. It may help you put those excuses to rest. Take out a notebook and write your own excuses down. Borrow some from the video if you'd like. Read over your list, then look back at something you really wanted (a new car, that fabulous jacket, the European vacation, the widescreen TV). Would you let the same list of excuses stand in your way? Would you allow those same reasons keep you from getting what you wanted? Or would you make every effort possible to overcome ANY obstacle?

Think about it.

I've used most of these myself - have you?