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Oops You Did It Again – Overcoming a Binge

Oops You Did It Again – Overcoming a Binge

We all slip up. You’d be surprised that even those who you think are “all that and more” have bad days.

So today’s Fit Tip (see below) is brief and simple. While there are many ways to overcome a binge, sometimes we need to not overthink it….just get back on track and move on down the road.

Q: What works for you?


Overcoming an eating binge

Oops you did it again. You feel bad, tired, fat, bloated and discouraged. What to do?

  • Eat healthy the next meal/day, but close to normal-sized meals – don’t starve (see #2). Eating 500 calories “the day after” will only make you hungrier & may cause you to ‘break’ again.
  • If you want to ‘make up’ those extra calories, simply shave off 200 calories a day & increase your activity by 200 calories per day the rest of the week.
  • Forget it happened. “It is what it is.” The world is not coming to an end. Get back on a healthy track, don’t think about it, don’t beat yourself up.

Your goal is to get back on the horse and stay on the horse longer and longer each time. Health first. Always.”

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