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Super Simple No BS Ways To Get Fitter

Super Simple No BS Ways To Get Fitter
No time to work out? A few minutes and here there DO make a difference. Trust me on that one. Some days I just do a super minimal workout. Because, as I say, “something is better than nothing.”
JAMIE WALKER is today’s fitness expert and she has some tips to help you squeeze it all in. My favorite is her tip #1 (see below). Jump, and build your parachute on the way down. Woo hoo!
  1. Sign up for two things that scare you: Scout out a race or an event
 you’ve never tried before instead of treading water with the same 5k’s you
 always do. Look for new classes to try. Variety is key for mental and
 physical stimulation. You’ll be less bored and the confusion your body
 experiences will lead to better results.
  2. Do one plank every day for at least 30 seconds. This is just a small 
act that takes almost no time at all to complete, but planking leads to
 big results for core strength and trimming the waist. Once you start doing
 it, you’ll probably get so good, you’ll want to up your sessions more and
 more each time.
  3. Make at least one fitness “date” a week. Instead of meeting friends out
 for a happy hour, suggest a Spinning or yoga class. It will leave you feeling 
less stressed and leaner. Plus, at the end of the day, you will probably
 save more money.
  4. Do at least 20 push-ups a week. A simple push-up is one of the most
 effective exercises there is. It burns calories, works several muscle
 groups simultaneously, and best of all? It can be done anywhere! If you’re
 a beginner, start with incline pushups (your feet on the ground and your
hands on a sturdy table or ledge) and work your way up to regular push-ups.
  5. Ditch the elevator and escalator once and for all. Take the stairs
 whenever humanly possible. Once you do it a few times, it will feel like a
 habit that you’ve had all your life. Maybe you’ll even inspire people
 around you at the mall or office to take the stairs with you.

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Jamie WalkerJamie Walker is the CEO and co-founder of SweatGuru, an online tool for consumers to book and manage fitness classes. She leads business development and marketing for the San Francisco-based start-up. Jamie and co-founder, Alyse Mason-Brill, bring more than 15 years of combined technology, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience to SweatGuru, their second joint venture. Prior to SweatGuru, Jamie and Alyse have owned and operated Fit Approach, a wildly popular San Francisco boot camp, blog, and online community whose “Sweat Pink” motto has inspired more than 5,000 global members and 20,000 monthly visitors to lead healthy lifestyles. Before she was bit by the start-up bug, Jamie spent seven years in Silicon Valley working in high-tech corporate communications with enterprise software and consumer technology companies such as, Workforce Software, Jigsaw, Blinx and others.

A NASM and Yoga Alliance certified instructor, food-loving vegan and avid ultra marathoner, Jamie¹s passion for health extends into everything she does. She has been featured in Forbes Woman, Trail Runner Nation, The San Francisco Chronicle, BlogTalk Radio and more. She is a featured speaker and yoga leader at conferences such as BlogHer, FitBloggin, IDEA World, and CaptialOne 360 Entrepreneurship classes. She is also an IDEA Fit Inspired Advisor. Jamie holds a degree in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.






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6 years ago

Great tips! I especially like the one about doing something that scares you. Great way to rev up your routine, try new things, and meet new people!

6 years ago

Love this. These tips are so much easier for people to follow, rather than some gigantic goal that feels overwhelming. These are completely doable, and they really do add up!

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