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Are You Too Tired To Lose Weight?

Are You Too Tired To Lose Weight?

It’s a really common problem: You’ve been eating well all day, you’ve said ‘no’ to the doughuts and high-calorie coffee drinks. Now, it’s afternoon and you’ve hit the wall. Big time. As much as you don’t want to—and you can’t help it—you reach for the first sugary food you can find to keep you going. Then you have more to keep you from crashing…and then more just to get you through the evening. You’ve just taken in far more calories than you need, with little nutrition, and you feel terrible, bloated and still tired.

You’re not alone. Eating when we are tired is one of the biggest derailers of diets and weight loss efforts. You can stay as strong as you want all morning, but by the afternoon…well, it’s a different story. Read my article on for some solutions that might very well help you over the hump—and keep those pounds falling off.

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