Published September 2, 2020

The Magic Formula for Weight Loss

by Helen M. Ryan
Spin bike and spin shoes

Yep, there is a magic formula when it comes to losing weight and getting fitter. In semi-mathematical terms, the magic formula consists of this: C + P + P = S.

What the #&$!^!*#@ does that mean? Consistency + Persistence + Passion = Success.

With those three little words you can change yourself, your life, your health, and even the world around you.

Look at the people in your life who are successful at what they do. If they ran a marathon or rode a century bicycle ride, for example, they were consistent in their training. They persisted, even when the odds were against them (rain, snow, heat, illness, or life challenges). They have a passion for what they do.

Outside of fitness (what, there’s another world out there?) it’s the same deal.

Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. was consistent (he kept standards and expectations high, while pushing the envelope of technology); he persisted (failure after failure); and he had passion (Jobs wanted to show the world what he felt was a better way to communicate).

Consistency. Persistence. Passion.

If I say “P!nk,” only one person comes to mind: Alecia Moore, aka P!nk. P!nk can sell out huge arenas and she does it with the very same formula: Consistency (every day she consistently works at her music, her physical training, and all that goes into a show or album). She is persistent (despite her detractors, she keeps forging forward, marching to her own drum, following her dream). And she has passion…by the boatload.

What could YOU do with the magic formula?

If you were consistent and exercised just 15-20 minutes a day, every single day (with some longer workouts or hikes/swims/cycling/dancing when you could), how much would you benefit your fitness, your weight, and your health? Just that little bit of exercise, done consistently over time, would make a big difference.

You would feel happier and healthier. Lose weight and firm up your body. Feel less depressed and more hopeful, right?

If you were persistent, making sure that you found time in your schedule (for exercise, a college class, or a new skill), eliminating other distractions, and believing in yourself, what could you accomplish?

If you had a passion for something — exercise, writing, playing guitar, dancing, cooking — what could possibly stand in your way?

You have to find what’s important to you and apply the “secret formula of three” to it. Consist. Persistent. Passionate.

Be those three things every day in the areas of your life that are most important to you.