Published December 23, 2013

Easy New Year's Resolutions

by Guest Author
12 days of fitness day 9

It's little steps that add up to big changes. And if we rush things, doesn't always go so well. The same applies to losing weight and getting healthier. 

When science marries the holistic, you have STACI SHACTER's approach. Staci is unique in that she has been both clinically and holistically trained in dietetics and nutrition. Take a look at her simple tips and see how you can incorporate them into your life. Start this next year on a healthier note.


  1. Plan for success. Create a routine. Look at your schedule and set aside time to prepare and plan food for the week. If you have healthy and delicious food prepared ahead of time, you can avoid that convenience junk food you rely on.
  2. Stop being artificial. Change out your artificially sweetened diet sodas for Zevia soda, homemade lemonade or ginger ale sweetened with raw honey or Stevia, or make yourself a large batch of natural fruit flavored tea.
  3. Flip your fat. Replace your vegetable oil with coconut oil when possible (now available at Costco). Coconut oil is more heat stable, burns as energy easier, and has been shown to be good for cardiovascular health. It is solid at room temperature and in many cases could be a good replacement for butter or margarine. Coconut milk is an excellent substitute for cream. Make your own salad dressings with a good quality extra virgin olive oil. Most store-bought dressing use vegetable oils high in omega 6’s. These types of vegetable oils have been shown to increase inflammation in the body.
  4. Make your plate beautiful. If half of your plate of food contains a rainbow of colorful non-starchy vegetables, you are doing a lot more than just making a pretty plate. Each color represents different phytonutrients in the vegetables that support your immune system and fight inflammation. Now half of the plate is low in carbs and fat, and high in fiber. You are filling yourself up while keeping calories down.
  5. Shake it up. Try a health shake for breakfast or snack to give you extra nutrition. Use unsweetened almond, coconut, or rice milk, berries, ½ a banana, and a quality protein powder.

Staci Shacter

Staci Shacter MS RD LDN is both clinically and holistically trained in dietetics and nutrition. She is the on-site nutritionist to the elite guests and residents of Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach and has a private practice alongside Dr. Gary Saff at Integrated Pain Solutions of South Florida in Broward County. She is also the nutrition advisor to Kosher Organics, an organization providing kosher certification for natural and organic products. Staci also gives lectures in the community on nutrition and disease. Her mission is to give people the tools they need to be successful in transitioning to a healthy lifestyle.