Published December 17, 2013

Smart, Practical Weight Loss Strategies

by Guest Author

We try all these fancy diet schemes and crazy workouts, but they don't work. Sometimes, it's the simplest things that make the most sense. By guest author Jackie Vanover.

Practical Weight Loss Strategies

  1. Rediscover your body: I find the vast majority of us have lost our
 connection with our body, which leads to overeating because we don't
 recognize when we're full. To reconnect to your appetite spend two minutes 
before each meal simply breathing. This allows your body and mind to
 connect and will help you register signals of fullness and satiety. I call 
this process "active eating," where we focus on eating with a presence 
rather than including eating with other activities.
  2. Eat greens: Forget the packaged meal replacements, shakes and bars.
 Fresh whole food satisfies our body like no other substance. Leafy greens 
are the most important real food to work into your diet. Start by including
 them in at least one meal a day. Leafy greens include broccoli, kale, salad 
greens and even brussels sprouts, so there's a lot to choose from, which 
prevents boredom.
  3. Respect your need for sleep: We tend to under-appreciate the benefit 
sleep has on our health. When we're tired less likely to work out, our
 cravings are increased (especially for sugar) and we're more likely to
 submit to those cravings and eat whatever is available. The idea that you 
only need 4-5 hours of sleep a night is a myth. So is the idea that you 
can catch up on sleep over the weekend. We all need at least 6 hours of 
sleep at night and that requirement increases when we're under stress.

 To figure out how to work that much sleep into your schedule, look at what
 time you must get up in the morning and then work backwards to set a 
bedtime. Then consider what time you go to sleep now. Go to be 15 minutes earlier each night until you're getting a full six hours. If you have 
trouble going to sleep or sleeping through the night, consult a health 
coach or other professional who can identify possible sleep interruptions
 in your diet or lifestyle.

Sleep and weight loss
Jackie Vanover
Jackie Vanover, founder of the Real Life Healthy program, helps women rediscover their bodies, reignite their energy and revitalize their life through her proven system for eating simply and with confidence.