Published May 5, 2013

Spice Things Up For Weight Loss

by Helen M. Ryan
different kind of spices

I would like to see a Some Ecard that reads, "'Egg whites are so yummy and they satisfy me more than chocolate' said nobody ever." As much as I eat egg whites because they are a fantastic source of low fat protein, they can be pretty bland, dull and just plain boring. Nachos = exciting. Egg whites = boring. Which would my taste buds choose?

A little trick I use to excite my finicky taste buds and help 'bland but healthy" foods appear sexier? Spices. I could drown my egg whites in cheese (which I have been known to do), but that kind of defeats their fat free purpose. What I love to put on my egg white foods (omelets, scrambled eggs, egg patties) is taco sauce.

Taco sauce, salsa, chili peppers, Cayenne pepper...these little goodies are your weight loss fairies. You can spice up your breakfast, lunch or dinner, turning something you dread eating into something you actually enjoy eating.

There is also research that spicy foods may temporarily raise your metabolism and reduce your appetite, which is an added bonus.
Anything that keeps you from being bored will help you stick with a healthier lifestyle. This is a marathon, after all, not a race. Spice up your meals (and life) for the long haul.