Published April 19, 2013

Ugly Pants Can Help You Gain Weight

by Helen M. Ryan
unbuttoned pants

After overindulging, you put on your jeans and find them “just a little snug.” Not planning on going anywhere, you put on your “ugly pants.” You know the ones…two sizes too large and super comfortable. You could live in them for days (and I do. Oh boy, I do).

Your “ugly pants” are baggy, stretched out, and feel so good. You probably have a few pairs of them, right? So, you want to wear them “for a few” days until you feel less bloated and your jeans fit better.

As you are wearing these famous “ugly pants” you also throw on a ratty old t-shirt (nice and baggy, too. Mmm hmm.). You put your hair up in a ponytail (this describes 80% of my existence). As the days drag on you continue to wear the “ugly pants” because now you feel frumpy. And heavier. Feeling frumpy and fatter (F&F) makes you feel sad, so you eat a little more (you’re already frumpy, remember?). And then your jeans really don’t fit. So, you continue to wear your “ugly pants,” out in public now, feeling rattier and heavier by the minute.

Feeling frumpy equals more weight gain. Because you’re unhappy with your weight (just roll with it…it makes sense to some of us).

How do you stop frumpy pant weight gain?

Put on some real clothes.

Go through your closet and find something cute -- anything. Just one piece of clothing that makes you feel good, even if it’s a little roomy. If you have to go out and buy something inexpensive in a larger size, just do it. Then put on one favorite piece of jewelry.

The truth here is that you can become how you feel. If you feel frumpy and tired, you will act frumpy and tired. Your energy changes, your body language changes, and your motivation fades. Your outer appearance speaks to your inner voice in a negative way. Trust me…I’ve been there too many times to count. 

A few days a week -- at least -- wear something that makes you feel good and adjust your attitude.

When I’m dressed in real clothes I eat better. Weird, but true.