Published March 15, 2013

Fit Tip: Pay Yourself To Lose Weight

by Helen M. Ryan
Coins and Paper Money

Is there a quick, rewarding way to see your weight loss progress and give yourself a treat?

There is. Find a glass a jar and every time you exercise put a dollar (or more) in it.

Every time you resist a temptation put in $0.25 to $0.50. (Trust me, it adds up.)

Seeing a "tangible" result for your efforts helps you stick with it. As the jar grows fuller, so does your confidence—not your hips. You start believing in  yourself and your ability to become healthy, exercise and resist (most) temptations.

Believing in yourself is key to losing weight

At the end of the month take the money from the jar and do something for yourself (no, not for your kids or to pay bills , but on you. You earned it.)

{Try it and in one month, share with me how much money you've "earned" and what you are doing for yourself with it. I'd love to hear it}