Published March 4, 2013

Should You Reflect On The Past For Weight Loss? You Betcha!

by Helen M. Ryan
oops I did it again

How many times do we think about something someone did, or said, to us years ago?

How many times have we stewed on it? Chewed on it? (Ahem.) It's not good to live in the past, usually, and most of the time we just simply need to let go.

But sometimes reflecting on your past can be a good thing—especially when you're trying to lose weight.

Thinking about the past is a good thing???

As we say in Norway, "Ja da." It can be.
Think about the year that just went by.

  • Did you reach all of your goals?
  • Did you reach some of your goals?
  • Did you reach none of your goals?

If you reached none of your goals, that's OK—really, it is. Maybe it's not OK in your head, but the experience (or lack thereof)  could actually be very helpful when it comes to losing weight.

Grab your notebook, a cup of tea (or coffee, but hold the sugar and the heavy cream), and take a moment to ponder last year. Ask yourself these questions, and use your answers to build a personalized weight loss "roadmap" for this year.

This roadmap will help you avoid the potholes and speed bumps you faced before

Last year:

What worked for you in terms of weight loss? (Walking, longer cardio sessions, HIIT, scheduling regular workout/gym time vs. squeezing it in where you can, eating more vegetables?)

What didn't work? (Same as above.)

Assuming this year will be similar to last year in terms of workload, family, and other commitments, what can you do differently to help you get to your goal, knowing what you are up against?

Think a little. Write a little. Cry a little if you need to. Now, go wipe your nose and put on your thinking cap.

Look at the "what didn't work" as a way to make it work—this time