Published January 23, 2013

Fill 'er Up: How To Feel Less Hungry

by Helen M. Ryan
Chess piece - King

" 'cause I'm hungry like the wolf..."~Duran Duran

Sometimes when we're trying to lose weight we just feel as hungry as Duran Duran's proverbial wolf (growl). Being too hungry (or hungry all the time) can be a recipe for disaster. Those chips sure sound yummy, don't they? And how about some ice cream? Just a little?
While you are getting used to healthier eating habits, a great solution to hunger is in the video below.

It's called "broccoli slaw," and it's your new weight loss best friend 

Try it in almost everything. You'll be filled up and have less room for higher calorie foods. Brings fresh meaning to the phrase "bulking up," eh? (Bonus: here's a recipe using broccoli slaw: The Italian Job - a pasta-less pasta dish.)