Published November 23, 2012

Holidays - No Pumpkin Pie & Crazy Trainers

by Helen M. Ryan
muscle man and pumpkin pie

We're never going to survive, unless we are a little crazy. Well, there's Seal 'good' kind of crazy and there's militant 'bad' kind of crazy. I will get to the 'bad' kind of crazy in a moment, but first:


Every day December 1 through December 12 we are going to host some amazing fitness experts in our '12 Days of Fitness' series. Check back to see their tips, designed to help you shed pounds, get fitter and have some fun. These experts are going to share their 'real world' ideas with you and they have some really good words of wisdom that you can put to use right away.


During my quest to find these '12 Days of Fitness' experts I ran across some who were decidedly a little crazy. As I sifted through piles of emails for some golden nuggets I found a lot of weird suggestions and tips. I think I got most offended by the trainer who said, '99% adherence to your diet is failure. It's all or nothing.' Whaaaaaat?

. This is the exact opposite of what I, and many other fitness pros, believe in.

So this 'expert' is saying that if I eat a 99% 'clean' diet, and then I have three French fries, for example, I am failure? Really?

It's this kind of thinking that I fight every day. I am not a machine. You are not a machine. We are imperfect human beings that do the best they can (though sometimes I could try a bit harder, and I respect those that do).

Your thoughts?


I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was quiet and nice. Trained a client, went to a movie (saw Flight - wasn't overly impressed, but Denzel was great as usual). As I get older, low key is good. No pumpkin pie (I don't like pumpkin pie), but I might, just might, have had a few peanut M&Ms. Why? Because it was Thanksgiving and I let my hair down.

It's OK not to worry every single minute of every day about what you eat when you do mostly the right thing (do you hear me, crazy trainer?)

~Helen (aka The SQ)