Published October 30, 2012

Holy Batgirl, It's Halloween Candy Time

by Helen M. Ryan
halloween pumpkin

Oh no…it's that time of year again. What time is it? "Fun sized" candy time!
The best way to survive (my favorite) day of the year is to really not start. Nope, don't even have one piece of candy.

Why? Because if you're like me, one piece leads to another...and another.

But, you know, sometimes you just can't help it. So here's what can you do to minimize the damage:

  • Have one piece of your favorite candy (how to decide?), the go brush your teeth
  • Don't buy the candy until Halloween (how many times, in the past, did I "break into" the candy weeks before, only to end up buying more bags for the trick o' treaters? Hmm?)
  • Exercise beforehand, and walk a lot during trick o'treating (I usually teach a Halloween Spinning class, so it burns off some calories. See photo)
  • Pick 3 Musketeers (mini size has less than 65 calories and 2 grams of fat) or Peanut M&Ms (the tiny bag - the nuts help keep you fuller)
  • Wear something tight so you know why you're saying "no"

Though many of the "candy" candies are low in fat, the sugar and their "easy to eat by the handfuls" nature make it really easy to way overdo the sugar. And when we overdo the sugar, we feel tired the next day, and then we need to eat more sugar, and more sugar, and...

You know the drill. Avoid it if it triggers you to eat more. Brush your teeth if you do have some. Most important, don't beat yourself up if you go overboard. Think of your health first (what is all that sugar doing to your body?). Have fun. (I am thinking of dressing up like Lady Gaga, but not so revealing, with something fun on my  head.)