Published May 6, 2012

Are You Too Tired To Lose Weight?

by Helen M. Ryan

(Yes! Every. Single. Day. Right?)

You’ve been eating healthy all day, and you’ve said ‘no’ to the doughnuts and high-calorie coffee drinks your barista’s been pushing. Now, it’s afternoon and you’ve hit the wall. Big time. 

As much as you don’t want to, you reach for the first sugary food you can find to keep you going. Then you eat more to keep from crashing, and still more just to get through the evening. 

You’ve just taken in a lot more calories than you need, with little nutrition, and you feel terrible, bloated, and still tired. (Well, that worked out well.)

You’re not alone. Eating when you’re tired is one of the biggest issues slowing or stopping your weight your loss efforts. You can stay as strong as you want all morning but later in the day…well, it’s a different story.

Everyone says to get more sleep, but sometimes that’s just not possible. So:

  • You know when the slump is coming (track it). You know how long it will last (time it). Give yourself a little something to wake you up that doesn’t involve donuts* (but boy are they good). 
  • Take a break and walk. Move your body. Eat a piece of fruit. Drink some iced tea or green tea. Dance!  
  • If you have a chance to lay down, elevate your feet for a moment.

Wait it out. 

You know from experience that the slump doesn’t last that long. Getting through it when you can barely keep your eyes open is hard but not impossible.

Who’s your daddy? You are. (Because I’m not. Hell no, I’m not your daddy.)