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The All You Can Eat Holidays Are Approaching

Holiday overeatingYup, that’s right. The Holidays are approaching and with the joy also comes the despair: How to keep from waking up on January 1 feeling like a heffer.

I’ve rounded up last year’s articles from both of my blogs on keeping holiday weight gain at bay. With tips on how to eat better, how to trick yourself into eating less, and how to fit in some exercise, this year you might just be able to button your pants come January.

If you have any tips you would like to share on how you avoid Holiday weight gain, we would love it. Knowledge is power.

Eat With Control This Holiday Season

Keep Yourself from Bingeing This Holiday

Simple Tricks to Keep Your Eating in Check Over the Holidays

5 Easy Ways to Keep the Holiday Pounds Off (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

Prepare now and have an enjoyable Holiday season.


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