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Archive: new years resolutions

Lots of Fitness/Health Tips

So the “12 Days of Fitness” wrapped up with lots of great tips by a variety ...

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Don’t Sweat The New Year’s Resolutions

 It’s no secret. I love Spinning classes. I could teach Spinning classes all day long and ...

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Sticking to New Years Weight Loss Resolutions

The new year is here. Did you make weight loss resolutions? Are you on track or ...

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Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions – Sticking with It

Weight loss is always a struggle. Here's how to trick yourself and make it easier to ...

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Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions – The Beginning

Weight loss resolutions are hard to keep. But there is a simple way to get started. ...

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New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions

Any time of year is the right time for resolutions. How to make them, how to ...

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