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Stop Bashing Cardio

Stop Bashing Cardio

All we seem to hear lately is ‘extended bouts of cardio are bad and HIIT is the only cardio to do.’

I am here to disagree.

I hate HIIT. I do it occasionally, but I still hate it. I am getting older and sometimes this little ol’ body hurts and doesn’t want to jump or be jarred. I also feel like I burn out faster with HIIT.

Longer bouts of no/low impact cardio, on the other hand, I love. Yippee! And I’m tired of all the naysayers telling us that extended sessions of cardio are no good.

Aside from the physical benefits of aerobic exercise (reduced risk of heart disease, improved heart function, fresh oxygenated blood flow, reduction in risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, or stroke, and many more), the main benefit I see is this:

Cardio – primarily in the form of Spinning classes – makes me happy and feel more energized

  • If I am tired or in a bad mood and I do HIIT – I am still tired and still in a crap mood afterwards.
  • If I am tired or in a bad mood and take or teach a Spinning class or go for a brisk walk – I am more energized and much happier afterwards (the same for those who love to swim, run, row, dance, etc.)

I lost 80 pounds doing cardio—with strength training—and have kept it off for eleven years, so don’t tell me people can’t lose weight with extended cardio workouts. (Of course, we still do intervals in Spinning classes, so we—like Hannah Montana— get the best of both worlds).

The important thing is that we need to like the exercise we do.

If you like it, you will stick to it. If you don’t, you won’t.Click To Tweet

Burpees? If you like ’em, by all means keep doing them. I’ll join you every now and then when I feel like shaking things up and I don’t have a lot of time. But I love how longer cardio workouts make me feel physically and mentally: strong, re-energized, empowered and happy!



photo: dollarphotoclub/Sergey Nivens

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