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Don’t Let a Craving Destroy You

Don’t Let a Craving Destroy You

“Time goes by….so slowly.” ~Hung Up/Madonna

5 minutes can feel like an ETERNITY…when you are dying to eat that box of cookies or plate of nachos, but try to wait it out.  

When you are tired and busy, this seems nearly impossible to do.

So how do you do it? With my special trick.

Never deny yourself any foods – it will just make you want them more. Tell yourself you can, in fact, have the food or drink, just not right at this moment. Convince yourself that if you still want it tonight (or tomorrow), then by all means go for it – but then, not now.

Chances are, once the initial craving (or fatigue wave or stressful episode) has passed, you’ll no longer want to indulge. If that doesn’t work, give yourself half of what you wanted, then go use some strong mouthwash or brush your teeth to rid your mouth of the taste (stay tuned for more thoughts on that effective little tip).

Hmm. Good things come to those who wait? Quite possibly. Like good health and better-fitting clothes.

Now, if you give in to your craving and fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up! Don’t keep eating. Remember the good, forget the bad and move on. Don’t let this one lack of “good health” judgement color the rest of your day or week. We all do it on occasion. And we all need it.

You’re human, after all.


P.S. Did you know?
When you feel a craving coming on, distract yourself. Walk the dog, try on some too tight pants, jump onto social media, make your “to do” list, do some chores…Remember, resisting cravings is hard for all of us. Ask yourself this question next time you are ready to dig into a mega burger with extra-sized fries: “What’s the point? Will it really make me feel that much better?”

What’s the point, indeed…

Q: What is your crazy craving that you can’t resist?

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