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Archive: Helpful Tips

No More Weight Loss Excuses

Put your exercise excuses to rest. Whether you are too tired, busy, hot, cold, happy or ...

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Making Pizza Part of Your Diet

It is common knowledge that a healthy diet for weight loss consists of lots of fruits ...

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Free Fitness E-Book

A free guide to a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to raise your metabolism naturally, get fit ...

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Surviving the Holidays – Simple Ways to Keep the Pounds from Piling Up

(written for The holidays. They are here, once again. Endless days of parties, pastries, shopping ...

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A Food Journal is Key to Weight Loss Success

What Do You Really Put in Your Mouth? (written for Recording what you actually eat ...

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Nintendo Wii – Fitness Friend or Foe?

We have video game systems in my house. A lot of them. Playstation 2, GameCube, Nintendo ...

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