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Archive: Exercise

Russian Kettlebells: My Butt and Thighs are So Sore

BUT I LIKE IT When a personal trainer says she is sore, that’s either a good ...

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Working Out at Home

(written for If sweating and grunting in a room full of strangers is not for ...

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Spinning: Up Close and Personal

Learn about Spinning, what it can do for you and how it can shape your mind ...

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Aquatic Fitness – Not Your Grandmother’s Water Aerobics Class

Training in water brings fitness to a new level (Written for CitiHealth Publications) Nancy and Bob ...

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How Spinning® Saved My Life

Spinning is a sport for everyone, not just the elite few. Learn how I went from ...

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11 Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Life

(Written for CitiHealth Publications) Every January begins the same: You vow to eat better, exercise and ...

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