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Make Your Own Cheap Treadmill Desk

Make Your Own Cheap Treadmill Desk

I sit too much. Way too much. My butt is growing by the minute.

A lot of my job requires long hours in front of my beloved Mac (writing, designing, doing social media, interacting, updating blogs, etc.) Sometimes my back aches a lot and my feet get swollen. Plus it feels like my metabolism slows, and I get tired and unmotivated. Blech.

For a long time now I have wanted a treadmill desk. The problem was A) I didn’t have a treadmill; and B) I didn’t want to pay a lot. The cheapest treadmill desk (without treadmill) that I could find was over $4oo. Add a treadmill to that and the total is nearly $1,000. No way, Jose.

So I finally found this great little tidbit on making a super cheap treadmill desk (a shout out to for the awesome idea). It was super easy and way cheap. Best of all? It’s removable so I can walk or run on it faster, too.

SEE VIDEO BELOW on how to make it (and thanks to food editor AJ Ogaard for putting it together for me).

This little gem walking desk cost less than $20! (Or less than $200 adding in the used treadmill I bought from a friend.) You will need:

  • A sturdy board or wood shelf – 11.8″ d x 35.8″ w.
  • Hook and eyes (4). We had to look around to find something that would work.
  • Bungee cords (2) – 24″ long.
  • Spray on rubber (to spray on shelf to keep it from moving).

That’s it! If you make one, send us a photo (either via linking to a post below or posting it to our Facebook page).

Onward!  ~Helen


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