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Acceptance: Mirror, Mirror

Acceptance: Mirror, Mirror

By Cindy Santos

I don’t know how many mirrors lie, or at least that is what my brain tells me.  The one at home looks at me one way, the one at far right corner of the gym is a bad place for a reflection. If I stand in the middle off to the right side just a bit, I look perfect. Why do Old Navy mirrors make me look worse when at TJ Maxx I look fabulous?  Is there any wonder why we are on an emotional roller coaster with our looks and our fitness?

There comes a moment when we have to step back and say to ourselves, “I am doing what is right, everything is in place, beauty is in me and around me.  I may not be perfect, but I am better today and will be better tomorrow.

Sometimes we have a “fat head” that doesn’t ever stop whispering to us.  If fitness and nutrition is in place, the outside will be in place.  It may not be like the person hustling next to you, but it will be your best self that no one else could ever have, either.  Quiet those whispers with the pounding of your feet and the roar of your breath.  You are more than the warped mirrored reflection or whatever insecurities you are having that day.

Feel beautiful and fit and be it!

Hummus TIP:  Have more and save the fat.  Mix 1 serving of Hummus to 3-4 tbsp. of Greek non-fat yogurt.  Spice it up with salt free herb mixes, spices, pepper, rubs, garlic, or fresh herbs.  I love it with chopped cauliflower!

Cindy Santos

Guest contributor Cindy Santos lost almost half a person in size and is now a fitness professional. Visit her Facebook page, or read more about her (including before pics) here.


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