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A Woman Says, “I Love My Thighs”

Yes, that’s correct. You actually heard a woman say that she loves her thighs.

My thighs are not particularly attractive: They are neither long nor thin nor tan. In fact, they are kind of short, bulky and pale. So why do I love them?

Through literally thick and thin, my legs have done their job. They have climbed to the top of the Acropolis in Greece; splashed in the fjords of Norway; walked on the beaches of Thailand. They have taken me 100 miles by bicycle from Irvine to San Diego, run a 5k in Temecula, and ridden up Mt. Palomar. These very same legs have rocked babies to sleep, walked children to school and held kids up in the air in a game of “airplane.” As a personal trainer, they have shown clients how good it feels to move, and as a Spinning instructor they have led full classes on endorphin-elevating adventures.

My thighs have seen a lot. They have been very overweight, where at times they would blister on the insides from rubbing together. They have been very thin, where light could actually be seen in between them. Now they are in the middle. Neither thin nor fat, but rather sturdy and muscular.

I never feel as great as when I’m wearing bike shorts, mounting a bicycle, feet secured in familiar clipless pedals, thighs ready for action. I’m sure I don’t actually look as fabulous as I feel in those bike shorts, but I don’t really care – I am strong, capable, and very happy.

Sometimes I wish I had long, lean legs – sure. The kind of legs that turn mens’ heads. But then I remember that turning mens’ heads does not make me feel empowered, that wearing a miniskirt well does not release endorphins, and that no amount of tanning will get me up the side of a mountain on a bicycle.

My thighs have given me freedom. They have taken me interesting places and more adventures lie ahead. There are many foreign beaches to comb and ancient ruins to scale.

So even if I cannot turns mens’ heads by the length and beauty of my legs, maybe I can turn their heads by leg pressing their trucks. After all, that would be memorable. And creating memories are what my legs do.

I love my thighs.

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spin king
spin king
12 years ago

sturdy?? I almost spit my soup! Don’t sell yourself short, they’re nice…and they’ve been up Palomar (x3), quite respectable. Tanning is over rated.

12 years ago

Palomar (x4). #5 coming up soon. 🙂

Plus you are the one that snickers at my banged-up knees…


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