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One (Weight Loss Step) Leads to Another

One (Weight Loss Step) Leads to Another
“One thing leads to another…”~ The Fixx

One thing leads to another, one step leads to another (and, as I sometimes share in Spinning class, one chip leads to another).

The reason why so many of us fail to stick to our weight loss efforts is that we try too much, too soon. I know the ‘baby steps’ concept has been beaten to death, but do you know why you hear it so often? Because it works.

If you remember back to many a “first week of Januarys,” you ate nothing but vegetables and lean protein, exercised every single day and cut out sugar and alcohol, hoping to lose a lot of weight fast. By the second week of January you were starving, tired and discouraged, with your hand back in the cookie jar.

In our quest to get quick results we often sacrifice too much, and fall off the wagon because it’s too hard to keep up with many changes all at once. The solution? Those inevitable small steps.

A much better plan of attack is to make more changes every week, starting out slowly. Write down your goal for these changes in a calendar so you know where you are and what you plan to add each week.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to lose weight this way,  and by the end of one month you will be lighter in weight at a lighter emotional cost.

P.S. If you’re willing to share your plan and help others, stop by each week and let me know what (and how) you are doing. This is about real world solutions – for real people, by real people.



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