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Happy Birthday, Little Weight Loss Blog

Happy Birthday, Little Weight Loss Blog

“I’m coming up, so we better get this party started…” ~Pink

It’s hard to believe, but Real World Weight Loss is now five years old. Happy birthday, blog!

In honor of its birthday, my blog received a facelift (aww) last month and is looking better than ever. Brighter colors, easier-to-find content and soon – video and radiocasts (so you can listen in the car or while you clean). RWWL has grown from a tiny readership with tentative, sporadic posts to a much larger reader base, stronger content and guest contributors.  This happened because I used the one secret thing that also makes weight loss successful: consistency.

I suppose it’s also fitting that my first book is being released this month. Yay! I’ve shared a little bit of content from the book on this blog in the past to whet your virtual appetites. The book is so chock full of tips, inspiration, stories, motivation, laughter and real, tangible ways to lose weight while enjoying your life that you don’t want to miss it. Really. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter to be entered to win a free signed copy of the book, too.

Onward. Eat just a teeny, tiny little bit of cake for me. Luv ya’.


P.S. Stop by the book site at 21 Days to Change Your Body.

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